About Therapy Scout

About Therapy Scout

Therapy Scout was created to fill a gap in the process of recruiting therapists and connecting them with employers. At Therapy Scout, we pride ourselves on being "the go to" resource and a trusted confidant for therapists as they begin their job hunting process. We have the ability to listen to the needs of the therapists, as well as the employers’ to connect people with fulfilling jobs. We appreciate the commitment of our current clients as repeat customers and enjoy expanding to help more companies find the right candidates.


Therapy Scout understands the costs that come to both the employee and employer if due diligence is not done properly.

We are fortunate to be trusted by many great organizations to find top talent in our therapy world and help guide them to the right job opportunities. Our clients trust us for a reason. Our expertise is defined by our core values.


We are reliable and do what we say we will do. We make our mark by establishing trust. We do this with integrity. In using interpersonal communication skills to build our relationship-driven approach, we connect candidates with opportunities that are meaningful.

In order to live out our mission, we have to stay true to what we know.

About Our Leadership

After landing in the therapy world about four years ago, Brianna Bean, President of Therapy Scout, began noticing a gap in the process of job finding/placement for therapists. Missing from this process was the ability to listen to the needs of the therapists, as well as the employers’ needs. “The costs involved for the employer to find and train a therapist are very high, so using skills to truly assess a good match are mutually beneficial to the therapist and the employer,” states Brianna. In the therapy job market, the job demand is high and the job satisfaction is often low.

Brianna is committed to her vision and adds, “the goal for Therapy Scout is to help match up therapists and employers’ values to give them both a positive outcome, which will help with retention for our clients. I can use interpersonal communication to build relationships in connecting people instead of using a sales-driven approach. “I want to do so in a way that feels right for me and my clients, by connecting folks with opportunities that are meaningful.” The recruiting agency works with many types of organizations that hire physical, occupational, and speech therapists including hospitals, clinics, home care companies, schools, therapy staffing companies, and beyond. “We are fortunate to be trusted by many great organizations to find top therapy talent and are excited to expand our ability to help more people find the right matches in the industry. I’ve always enjoyed connecting people,” says Brianna.

Philanthropy and Community Service are also important to Brianna. She is an active member of Morton Plant Mease Foundation’s Skip Cline Society Leadership Committee, a Committee Member of the Morgan Auto Group's Charity Polo Classic, and volunteers at other local organizations including Homeless Empowerment Project and the Alzheimer’s Association local chapters.

Brianna Bean is a graduate of University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and holds a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida.

If you are interested in contacting us to learn more about us, please email us at: bbean@thejobscouts.com